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Author Topic: Any good shop in Lake Forest CA?  (Read 11184 times)

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Re: Any good shop in Lake Forest CA?
« Reply #20 on: January 09, 2011, 11:23:05 PM »

I probably won't bring the T/D to my house. It will most likely end up in Lake Forest. I need to spend a whole day clearing all of the crap out that single car garage, so I can store one of the projects. I think I'm ok now as far as towing/hauling. I appreciate the offer though!

I just got back from Simi again today. My Family has been in town an awful lot this year, so we spent the time visiting. I dropped my Dad off at the airport today, and we talked a little bit about his expectations for my automotive hoard. I'll need to deal with the T/D before too long. He's giving me until the end of February, so I will have enought time to finally get the ZJ back on the road. During this time, I'll resolve the carb issue on the Mazda RX7. It will be a huge milestone for me to be able to start 5 vehicles, and move them under their own power.

I hope it begins to warm up soon. I think I'm a wuss! I've  had a lot of congestion for the last week. I rarely get sick, but it really sucks when I do.

I haven't picked up the t-case now. I'll have to do so before January 22nd, when the installation of the long arm kit begins. I'll post up more details about that in my build thread before too long.

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