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Author Topic: 2004 Ford explorer transmissions, Ford, be loyal to loyal cust! RECALL!!  (Read 6059 times)

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Another complaint for MAJOR transmission problems for the Eddie Bauer Ford
Explorer 2004. Bought it NEW from Dimension Ford dealer in Fort Wayne.
Indiana. And like thousands & thousands of complaints I've seen on the
internet, Ford CO. will NOT help any with the repair cost or have a recall
on their transmissions. I was an "ABSOLUTE" loyal Ford customer until now
and will never purchase another Ford of any kind unless Ford themselves
resolve this issue! They are very difficult to approach and will never
help with any problem unless made to. Like many explorer owners at about
80,000 to 100,000 miles transmission started acting up. First was the
hesitation when putting into reverse. Then it started hesitating and
going bam and jumping back when shifting into reverse. Took in and had
looked at at different times and kept hearing it was normal or no problem
was just aging. And now reverse completely out at a little over 100,000
miles and just so happens warranty is out also. Have always wanted to buy
American and support my country and local companies, but this is a huge
problem for thousands & thousands of customers and they refuse to do
anything to help us, so why should we be loyal to Ford anymore.  Have
researched many transmissions lately and its sad to say that the foreign
car makers transmissions & over all entire vehicles are holding up much
better and longer than American made Fords. A lot of times getting well
over 200,000 miles with little or no problems. I was hoping all of us
with the same problems could get together and "attempt" to get Ford to
recall the transmissions or at least a goodwill offer for repairs as we
have been loyal. If not guess Toyota will be getting alot of new loyal
customers and our own home Ford dealerships will be losing revenue from
many of us. We as "loyal" customers kept them going while most of the
others went down with Detroit. Sad, extremely sad that this is now the
"American" company we have been loyal to for so long.